Alexander skarsgard and kate bosworth dating

The sexy Swedish actor, 38, is dating British model and TV personality Alexa Chung, Us Weekly exclusively reveals.PHOTOS: Alexander Skarsgard's hottest True Blood moments "It is serious and has really heated up," a source tells Us of the new couple.Interestingly, De Niro, 74, has to start out the movie as a 30 year old, so the same special effects team that made Brad Pitt age backwards for ” Corbett have been inseparable (but not married) since they met on a blind date 16 years ago.At the time, the boyish Corbett was playing Carrie’s boyfriend on SATC and his fans were disgruntled that he fell for a woman five years older. Bo is now 61 and John is 56) The petite 80’s sex symbol Bo is only 5’3” and John is 6’5” but they were a good match.A lot of acting.” But while his "True Blood" sex is pulpy and cable-ready, it was another sexual encounter scene -- which, truth be told, is hard to describe as a sex scene given its context -- that truly shook the actor.Starring in the remake of "Straw Dogs," as Charlie Venner, Skarsgård plays co-star Kate Bosworth's rapist (whom he is now allegedly dating).

As he tells GQ, there are certain assurances he has to make when filming sex scenes with Paquin, who is Moyer's real life wife.

"By the end, everybody got really raw." For more on Skarsgård, click over to GQ; check out the new trailer for "True Blood" below.

Yeah we started [filming] like a month ago, shot one episode before Christmas. Alexander told reporters:"I don't think that matters... Skars laughed off when we tried to ask him about the Bosworth rumors, understanding it goes with the territory. was supposedly spotted trying to be superincognito with a brunette girl on Friday night at the Chateau Marmont, but sexy Skars just said he was working that night.

Let us guess—you're not giving up Anna Paquin up without a fight... Again, as we were told, that was only a fling (if that). Think he stopped by with the possible girl of the moment under the radar, or was it a case of mistaken tall, blond identity? But either way we just love this (very polite, might we add) Swede single!

Eric is still going to kind of pursue that and explore.

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