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As with vaccinations, patches protect the host from nasty things that the vast majority of people simply don't understand.This is how consumer software these days should be: self-updating with zero input required from the user.Completely Disabling Windows Update (Services.msc)Opting for Manual Updates by Metering Your Connection Disabling Automatic Windows Store App Updates Disabling Automatic Driver Updates Community Q&A A secure operating system is one that is always kept up to date. Updates provide bug and security fixes as well as bringing new How's mission is to help people learn, and we really hope this article helped you.Seems like the Bnet app updater runs in to an endless cycle, and if you force any other action it can't be done becasue it's still in this endless loop with the updater without and actions.Took a look at the US forum and it seems its a huge deal over there aswell, please blizzard, I looked forward to trying the new christmasupdate all day at work and now I'm getting superdepressed that I cant play :[ might aswell go to bed and pray it's been solved tomorrow. Edit: it just started by itself now :) gj blizz if u fixed a prob I forced the upgrade with some BNet restarts, now the Update button appears when i start the BNet app but still get an error messages when i click on it:"An internal error occoured. If this error continues try restarting the BNet app."BLZBNTAGT0000096A error message... I cant updateso, I couldn't play overwatch cause it keeps lagging out the the logging screen pops up. So I tried to update it and the check for updates is blurred out, so...Point is that straight out of the box, updates are being applied and it's easy to minimise the adverse impact by virtue of defining those active hours.

I am experiencing a problem when i am trying to update to the christmas update.

I'm having issues trying to update the Christmas update, it keeps telling me I have lost internet connection, I restarted everything just to make sure but Overwatch is the only thing that keeps giving me problems.

I even uninstalled and reinstalled Same issue here...

But your average person is simply not going to keep on top of these things which is why auto-updaters are built into so many software products these days.

Obviously they're in Windows, same with Mac OS and i OS, same with browsers like Chrome and Firefox and same again with the apps themselves on a device like your i Phone by virtue of the App Store automatically keeping them current.

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