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The eight men and two women are said to have been arrested on their way to Heathrow airport yesterday morning.

The Provisional IRA has admitted it was behind the bomb blasts - but Scotland Yard says it is not completely satisfied the explosions were the work of the IRA.

Irish women have been denied real public discourse on the subject.

Those who speak out about their abortion experiences tend to fall into one of two camps: The Renegades, who describe the experience with an attitude so blase that they may as well have had a tooth pulled.

Church attendance has declined sharply for various reasons and there is a spike in those defining themselves as atheists and agnostics.

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The publication had been censored in Ireland for being "usually or infrequently indecent". Even women who had been liberated by the sexual revolution of the 1960s were troubled by a pervading sense of Catholic Guilt that was - and still is - ingrained deep in their psyches.

Ulster Unionist leader, Brian Faulkner, welcomed the result: "This is the first time ever that the people of Northern Ireland through the ballot box have quite simply and democratically stated their constitutional wishes." "They have said so clearly today they are determined to stay within the United Kingdom so this removes any argument about our constitutional position from the lips of politicians for good and all, not just for five or ten years." Gerry Fitt, leader of the opposition SDLP, said the poll result was entirely predictable.

He said his party had organised the boycott of the poll because it feared it would lead to an escalation in violence.

The Ulster Workers' Council organised a general strike to protest against the deal.

When the then Northern Ireland secretary Merlyn Rees refused to meet their representatives, the Ulster Unionist members resigned from their seats on the executive causing the body to collapse.

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