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A nectar of everlasting youth, illicit young love, and a resurrection BREAKFAST WITH SCOTCan a macho gay ex-hockey player learn to love a son whos a tiny queen-in-training?BRICK LANEThe subtle, masterful story of a woman finding her home in the world BRIDESHEAD REVISITEDEvelyn Waugh's classic handsomely revised BRIEF INTERVIEWS WITH HIDEOUS MENAmbitious failure from the star of The Office BRIGHTON ROCKBawdy Hermione Baddeley bulldozes through Brit noir BRIGHT STARWhen XOXO was: Still, still to hear her tender-taken breath/And so live everor else swoon to death BROKEN ENGLISHTransatlantic romance translates into cute clichs BRONSON Surreal biopic about a theatrical British prisoners death wish (not, alas, a B-movie actors) BROOKLYN RULESBoth a personal tale of Brooklyn life, circa 85, and a genre knockoff BROTHERS (2009)A Danish film reborn as a long gone daddy in the USA THE BUBBLEThrees company but alls not fair in love and war BUGAshley Judd, possessed, in William Friedkins adaptation of the Off-Broadway play BURMA VJ: REPORTING FROM A CLOSED COUNTRYSmuggled out of Burma, the underground protests THE BURNING PLAINSuffering is beautiful THE BUSINESS OF BEING BORNCongratulations!ALEXANDER THE LAST THE ART OF THE STEAL DELTA THE EXPLODING GIRL EYES WIDE OPEN FIX THE GOOD HEART THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE THE LAST STATION THE MEN WHO STARE AT GOATS MOTHER THE NEW YORK JEWISH FILM FESTIVAL NORTH FACE POLICE, ADJECTIVE PRECIOUS; BASED ON THE NOVEL 'PUSH' BY SAPPHIRE A PROPHET (UN PROPHTE) RENDEZ-VOUS WITH FRENCH CINEMA THE SECRET OF KELLS SEVERE CLEAR THE SHOCK DOCTRINE SHUTTER ISLAND 2010 SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS TALES FROM THE SCRIPT THE YELLOW HANDKERCHIEF AFGHAN STAR Pop idols worth fighting for THE ART OF THE STEALMoney rules in the Machiavellian art world THE BEACHES OF AGNSShooting times arrow through sand, sail and the French New Wave BEAUFORTJust following orders has heightened meaning for retreating Israeli soldiers BEAUTY IN TROUBLEIts never too late to change your life (or lover) THE BETRAYAL (NERAKHOON)One family bears harrowing witness to how Uncle Sam uses and abuses his adopted children BODY OF WARAn inspiring account of one Iraq veterans tragedy THE COVESwimming like dolphins, activists can be heroes THE DIVING BELL AND THE BUTTERFLYNo My Left Foot retread (My Left Eye?

Everyone DESCENTA case of rape and an eye for an eye THE DEVIL CAME ON HORSEBACKDarfur turns a GI Joe into an anti-genocide activist DIED YOUNG, STAYED PRETTYPunk rock posturing DIMINISHED CAPACITYA film about baseball and memory thats better forgotten DISGRACEBleak allegory of South Africas present and future DISTRICT 13: ULTIMATUMThe Warriors meets Robo Cop 2 meets wirework DOCA major American novelist rediscovered DONKEY PUNCHA provocative title with a decent drive-in movie payoff THE DOORMANSexier than a bouncer, dumber than a velvet rope DOUBLE TAKEIf you see your double, you must kill him DOUBTFrom the stage to a scream: John Patrick Shanleys play at full bluster DOWNLOADING NANCYA grim and disturbing online hook-up DRAMA/MEXAn indie drama that cost 10 cents to make and doesnt deserve to earn it back DREAMING LHASAThe first fictional tour of the violent past, confused present and conflicted future of the Tibetan diaspora THE DUCHESSThe dramatic (and dreary) dilemmas of the duchess of Devonshire THE DUCHESS OF LANGEAISThe tragic taming of the coquette DUSTEverything you could ever want to know about schmutz EARTH DAYSWhen green was just a color: the genesis of environmentalism EAST OF HAVANACuban home-grown hip-hop EDENA cold bed in a sleepy Irish town THE EDGE OF HEAVENA film about everything brings Fatih Akin closer to the edge of greatness THE EDGE OF LOVEWell always have Wales a foursome does not go gentle into that good war AN EDUCATIONEnglish schoolgirl learns about love at the school of hard knocks EIGHT MILES HIGHCatching the whirlwind of a decade of sex, drugs, and rock n roll EL CANTANTEA flashy life of sex, drugs, and salsa sings and dances with no insight ELDORADOA bittersweet Belgian road trip/Western ELEGYBen Kingsley as a quintessential Philip Roth character ELEVEN MINUTESAnswers questions you never asked about Project Runways first winner ELITE SQUADCity of God: The Next Generation, only not as amazing ELSA & FREDLa Dolce Vita grows old and sentimental THE 11TH HOURAn Inconvenient Truth revisited EMPTY NESTSeparation anxiety ticks off a grandfathers biological clock ENCOUNTERS AT THE END OF THE WORLDDirector Werner Herzogs crazy documentary/poetry, this time in Antarctica ENLIGHTEN UP!as a charming guide to love today JAR CITYHow to make a murder mystery more sinister? O'HORTENTaking planes, trains, automobiles, boats and skis to a quirky retirement O JERUSALEMThe whole world was watching but not this melodrama with contrived composites ONCEOld-fashioned boy-meets-girl musical in contemporary Dublin ONE DAY YOULL UNDERSTANDJeanne Moreau as enigmatic mre or mamela ONE TO ANOTHERSex-drenched days, even more sex at night ONG BAK 2: THE BEGINNINGBak is Back!Set it in Iceland JELLYFISH3 women bob and float through an eccentric Tel Aviv JERICHOWLust makes the walls of Jerichow tumble down JIMMY CARTER MAN FROM PLAINSCan an esteemed elder statesman get the American media to give peace a chance? ON THE RUMBA RIVERUp a depressing river where musical masters joyously reunite 2009 OPEN ROADS: NEW ITALIAN CINEMAThe mob, a moppet, and Mussolini THE ORPHANAGEFrightening gothic ghost story from Guillermo del Toro ORTHODOX STANCEFinding God in Brooklyn through boxing OSS 117: CAIRO NEST OF SPIESFrench spy spoof, surprisingly less randy than Austin Powers OSWALDS GHOSTThe JFK assassination and post-9/11 America THE 2ND ANNUAL OTHER ISRAEL FILM FESTIVALChristians, Muslims, Lebanese, Bedouins, Palestinians, and Druze theyre all Israelis and theyre all angry THE OTHER MANA perfectly cast romantic non-thriller OUR CITY DREAMSFive women artists make it in NYC so they can make it anywhere OUTRAGEOutings in the Washington closet OUTSOURCEDAmerican kitsch, assembled in India PAPRIKAEye-popping anime submerged in a neurotic dream world PAPER MANWriter's block writ large in quirky comedy PARANOID PARKA master filmmaker drifts too far into teen anomie THE PARANOIDSSluggish slacker meets hot girl and finally comes alive PARISSearching for a heart transplant, finding out theres no place like home PARIS, JE TAIMELove X 18 = Life in all of Paris neighborhoods PARIS 36All of the Parisian clichs put to song PASSING STRANGESpike Lee films Broadway play a movie not quite like the real thing PATTI SMITH: DREAM OF LIFEAn artsy, atmospheric trip into the life of a punk-poet icon PETER AND VANDYAnother time-bending, twentysomething romcom PHYLLIS AND HAROLDTalkin bout the greatest generation and why they dont just fade away PHOEBE IN WONDERLANDSpecial children find themselves down the rabbit hole PIERREPOINT THE LAST HANGMANNo gallows humor in this bio of professional executioner Albert Pierrepoint PING PONG PLAYASino-Americans serve sprightly satire and spin on stereotypes THE PLEASURE OF BEING ROBBEDThe poetry in kleptomania POISONED BY POLONIUM: THE LITVINENKO FILEFrom Russian with Polonium: Ex-Spys death stinks of corruption POLICE, ADJECTIVEFilmmaking at its most passive PONTYPOOLNot your average, everyday zombies THE POOLA deceptively simple, globally conscious story of rich and poor that hits its mark THE POPES TOILETHoping for flush times POP STAR ON ICEA vodka-shot-with-a-champagne-chaser on ice PRAYING WITH LIORThe little rebbe that could PRECIOUS: BASED ON THE NOVEL 'PUSH' BY SAPPHIREA genre is born: the social horror film PRESSURE COOKERSave your appetite for this modest but tasty documentary PRICELESSThe gold digger and the bellhop, fetching romantic comedy at its most cynical PRIVATE FEARS IN PUBLIC PLACESWhen Alain met Alan: Resnais does Ayckbourn THE PRIVATE LIVES OF PIPPA LEEThe seven ages of a woman: daughter, rebel, muse, lover, wife, mother, herself THE PROMOTIONClimbing the social ladder has never been so dull A PROPHET (UN PROPHTE)Rube learns the big house ropes PROTAGONISTA gay evangelical, a bank robber, a terrorist, and a kung fu fighting runt: real life as epic drama THE PROVIDENCE EFFECTAfterschool special: keeping it real PROVOKEDBollywood superstar Aishwarya Rai's Lifetime version of The Burning Bed PUCCINI FOR BEGINNERSNo geishas or starving artists here, but a gay/bi/straight rom-com QUID PRO QUOIntriguing premise, if not altogether successful QUIET CHAOS That guy sitting on the park bench everyday?THE STORY OF ANVILHeavy metal head-bangers won't let their glory days pass them by ARAYAA visually beautiful rediscovered documentary ARMY OF SHADOWSJean-Pierre Melville's riveting Resistance drama re-emerges ARRANGEDTwo religious women grow an unusual friendship in Brooklyn THE ART OF BEING STRAIGHTThis softcore fantasy would be better suited by the title The Drama of Being Bisexual ASHES OF TIME REDUXWong Kar Wai dazzles in an accomplishment of visual style ATONEMENTA girls febrile lie harvests a romantic tragedy mowed down by World War II AT THE EDGE OF THE WORLDEvery bit we delay them is another whale saved AUGUSTA hip dud about a failed dot-com AUGUST EVENINGA lyrical stroll into the lives of a Mexican family AVENUE MONTAIGNEThe boulevard of fulfilled dreams THE BAADER MEINHOF COMPLEXBig Brother watches the rise and fall of the German Red Army Faction BABAZIZ: THE PRINCE WHO CONTEMPLATED HIS SOULA meditation on faith in Ali Baba robes and denim jackets THE BABYSITTERSBabysitters club becomes brothel in dark comedy gem BACKSEATTwo dudes off to see Donald Sutherland; hijinks ensue BADLANDDaddy goes postal and meets a cute waitress BAD LIEUTENANT: PORT OF CALL NEW ORLEANSA big, nutty, thrilling surprise from Werner Herzog and Nicolas Cage BAGHEADA mix of comedy and horror?Its in the bag BALLERINA More than just pretty dancers in this on-pointe documentary BALLASTDown in the Delta a determined mother trumps despair BAMAKOAfrican agitprop indicts the West THE BANDS VISITMusic is the universal language when an Egyptian band sojourns in Israel BAREFOOT TO TIMBUKTUIt takes an artist to raise a village BART GOT A ROOMA teen sex comedy that boldly trades teen sex for Yiddish humor BATTLE FOR HADITHAPowerful direction, sometimes preachy script BATTLE IN SEATTLEYou dont have to be a tree hugger to like this anti-corp.

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