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Of course, this isn’t the way that the average North American has their cup of joe.Over the long years different methods of extraction have been invented.Legend has it that coffee was discovered in the hills of Ethiopia, when a goat herder noticed that his normally obedient goats would not respond to the whistle blast with which he would usually summon them.Curious, he sought them out, only to find them frolicking and playing with great energy and abandon.

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The water is mixed directly with coarse grounds, which are sieved away to the bottom of the pot by a metal mesh, but the extracted oils and tiny solids aren’t filtered away before consumption.

She guides clients through the divorce process and resolves related matters involving child custody, parenting time, child support and alimony.

In all her work, Cam Richardson is committed to achieving her client’s goals and protecting their rights.

of water but adjust according to your taste - drink immediately and do NOT reheat TURKISH – A bit of a misnomer, due to its popularity throughout the Middle East and Mediterranean.

This method entails the use of a small, specially shaped pot with a long handle (called an IBRIK or CEZVE), the finest grind of coffee available, and sometimes the addition of spices such as cardamom.

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