Government mandating digital television information

We are bold in our ambition and we must also be bold in action.

We must highlight, confront and challenge the attitudes, prejudices and misunderstandings that, after many years, have become engrained in many of the policies and minds of employers, within the welfare state, across the health service and in wider society.

But the importance of employment for health is not fully reflected in commissioning decisions and clinical practice within health services, and opportunities to support people in their employment aspirations are regularly lost.

Once people are on benefits, their chances of returning to work steadily worsen.

Yet many disabled people experience expectations that are too low, employers who can be reluctant to give them a chance, limited access to services and a welfare system that does not provide enough personalised and tailored support to help people into work and to stay in work.

Too many people experience a fragmented and disjointed system which does little to support their ambitions of employment, and indeed can erode those ambitions.

6) The evidence that appropriate work can bring health and wellbeing benefits is widely recognised.

3) Making progress on the government’s manifesto ambition to halve the disability employment gap is central to our social reform agenda by building a country and economy that works for everyone, whether or not they have a long-term health condition or disability.

A disability or health condition should not dictate the path a person is able to take in life – or in the workplace.

What should count is a person’s talents and their determination and aspiration to succeed.

We need a health and welfare system that recognises that – one that offers work for all those who can, help for those who could and care for those who can’t.

The UK has a strong track record on disability rights and the NHS provides unparalleled support to people with poor health.

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