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A little bit of everything with men and women clients. I meet with clients in a comfortable setting face to face, or we can skype.Face to face sessions are cozy over wine, or when it’s warmer out a stroll through the park, seaport, or the highline while we talk.Master’s level therapist/ background in psychology, originally thought I would go back for my doctorate to become a psychologist but discovered that love consulting is my calling.When I look back the signs that I was so interested in romantic relationships were there all along.Not just showing off that you’re athletic, have big boobs, or a fancy job hinting at your big paycheck.

I learned that through every TV sitcom in NYC- Friends, Seinfeld, How I Met Your Mother, they all had a local spot and it felt like home, they always met potential dates at their spot.When I started getting messages from people I didn’t know through word of mouth I was like wait a second…The Relationship Coach, LLC began in July 2014 officially. Some are extrovert, outgoing types who date plenty but can’t sustain or stay interested in anyone long enough for a long-term relationship, and some are introvert types who are shy and have a hard type meeting and dating.Yet observations refuse to cooperate with the alarmist hypothesis.At Twitter Colorado State University research scientist the following chart showing how this year has been running thus far: Despite all the warnings that a warming globe would lead to harsher and wilder hurricane seasons, data show that the the opposite is more the case.

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