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My tastes mainly range into critically-acclaimed action, foreign dramas, political thrillers, and other movies of similar genes; cartoons rarely fall among my list of favorites unless they intelligently satirize society or events or have an original plot structure. This should explain, in part, my piercing dislike for this "movie." Everyone has a different perception of humor, so for all I know you might perceive a sneaky, hidden element in the devices that make up the mix-of-ten-wearily-retold-plot-lines story and think this movie is utter hilarity; don't take my review too seriously. There are moment's that are really funny in this film and in the end quite a bit of action to keep people entertained. Like the first one, it's funny, smart, cute, wonderfully animated, has great voice acting (Kristen Wiig was a great addition), and it's heartwarming yet completely fun for all ages. 9.2/10, amazing, far above average, two thumbs up, etc.After some reflection, before publishing, I feel beholden to admit that I didn't watch the entire movie. the little yellow minions at one point in the film turn into evil screaming purple monsters which might scare little kids. Goodnight everyone, I hope you see this masterpiece before it's no longer in theaters. Like the first one, the 3D is very good with a nice depth of field and stuff that flies out at you, which is so refreshing. The entire audience loved it and the minions were amazing. Despicable Me 3 catches Gru (Carell) and newly minted wife Lucy (Wiig) trying and failing to secure the world's largest diamond from the hands of Bratt our flamboyant 80's themed villain.Fired by the new head of the Anti-Villain League (Slate), Gru and Lucy discover he has a twin brother named Dru (also Carell) whom their parents separated at birth.Gru bonds with his brother over Dru's desire to become a villain, Lucy fails, succeeds and fails again to become a mother figure to the three girls, Agnes, the youngest of the three tries to capture a unicorn, Balthazar Bratt sees his plans for world domination come to near-fruition and the Minions..let's just say they have their own thing going as well.About half of all this busy, busy, business works at least as far as furthering the plot.

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Of course it's to the detriment of neutering the refreshing mean-spirited-ness of the original, but hey, at least you still got those Minions am I right?I got fed up half an hour into the mess and found an Israeli drama on Instant Play to help me bide my time. this was a great movie and was possibly better than the first When I heard that they are making a sequel to Despicable Me, I thought "Wow, this has a LOT of potential". My dad later came into the office to affirm my impressions: not good. Note the phrase "watered down," to imply there is more, and an adjective that pretty much describes the intelligence of "Despicable Me 2."Upon seeing ' Despicable Me 2', I clearly saw that it was a funny movie that had a dash of romance and truck load of awesome animations. (Wow) Positive message-Gru quits being bad and joins the Anti Villain League, Gru takes excellent care of the girls. Because I was expecting it to either be very good or to end up like most sequels. I laughed so hard when Lucy (Gru's new love interest) was imagining that everyone on the plane was Gru. Parents have also complained that the action can be a little to daunting for kids to process, so take that into the weighing of whether to see this film or not.It is worth mentioning, before closing, that I have been developing into a picky movie viewer the past few years. I saw this the day it came out and i really liked this movie.

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