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To implement the Web-Based monitoring, a web page will be provided, where the desired air speed, Setpoint, will be selected for being performed by the Brushless fan.

Its DC motor will be controlled by a PLC in order to produce air flow in the desired air speed, which will be measured by a sensor and displayed in the web page.

This system after set properly, is able to measure airspeed value provided by the Brushless fan in real time, transferring it to the PLC via internet where it is displayed in a Web page developed for this system. Valdelice Gomes Coutinho, my mother, and Bruno Donatti, my fiancé, for all support and hopeful words that they have gave to me while being at Ireland.

Firstly, I am really thankful to God for giving me this incredible opportunity of working in a sophisticated project, covering a rising area in Mechatronic Engineering as the Control area has been. Finally, I have many reasons to be thankful to my academic adviser, Derek Kerr, for providing me all the guidelines, explanations, always increasing my technical and theoretical knowledge, helping me to bring this project to the reality.

These control actions are based on the past, present and on the future prediction.

Each mode contributes in different ways for making the system to achieve the Setpoint (the desirable value) even in presence of disturbance.

In this project, an equipment responsible to provide air flow, the wind tunnel, will be constructed.

This equipment will be used to store a sensor for measuring the airspeed flowing through the tube.

The measurement came from the sensor will be received by the monitoring system used in this project, the Web Based monitoring.

Furthermore, adding other control tools as Web Based monitoring, for improving the current control models, makes the system more powerful.

In this project a wind tunnel will be built and controlled by PID controller.

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