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, translated Gaza Strip or "Gas Sector") was a Russian punk rock band formed on 5 December 1987 in the city of Voronezh, Russia.Despite only semi-officially existing (due to obscene lyrics), the group remains popular in Russia today.That caveman not only got upright, but found an astronaut helmet and a double neck 12-string Flying V.Kimberley Rew is mainly known as the guitarist, singer and songwriter with bands like the Soft Boys and Katrina & The Waves.The group name was taken from an eponymous industrial district of Voronezh (itself named for high levels of environmental contamination).

It is a punk version of a famous Russian fairy tale with the name of the evil protagonist taken as its title."SG" uses curse words in their songs, but this was rarely seen in any of their concert performances.Klinskikh was quoted as stating, "I am using four letter words not for the sake of it..songs are for those who can understand us.Marianelida firmará un contrato con Sony Music para la grabación de un disco y un video musical sobre una de las canciones del CD, así como giras promocionales al interior del Perú y en un país de Latinoamérica.Además de ello, recibirá clases de canto con un profesor designado por Sony Music y una subvención económica mensual para que pueda dedicar una mayor parte de su tiempo a la música.

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