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You know, really means to her as well as society at large.

My friend continued, "She named her new Barbie Hillary so she could play madam president! " I made the mistake of asking about Barbie playtime, "Um, couldn't she still call her Barbie Hillary and play madam president?

My friend was agonizing over how to "handle" this with her daughter. I'm posting this as a guide for parents grappling with how to tell their children about Election 2016. Was I really stupid, or unaware, or apolitical until then?

The conversation had me wondering just how woefully unaware and stupid I was as a child. Or do I just not remember that part of my childhood? I think you were probably a little more aware than some of the other children at school.

(sob sob)" Getting a little weary of what I thought was an overreaction, "Um, she's five. Does she really have a strong feeling about this election?

She gets a kick out of wearing underpants on her head. Maybe you don't really need to tell her much about it.

But I also can't recall my classmates espousing the merits of a political candidate or president. I'm pretty sure I was only vaguely aware that university was a place you went after high school.

To my young (and apparently neophyte brain), the electoral college probably sounded like a place where mayors went to school to learn how to be mayors. Are these savvy tots debating hot button issues and the pros and cons of the electoral college on the playground?

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You always had very good grades in social studies and government." "Even when I was young?

" "You know your father and I never pushed our politics on you.

But I couldn't remember any personal enthusiasm or disdain for the presidents or candidates or elections during my first eight years of life.

I must have been stupid, unaware or apolitical in my early years.

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