Online dating chronic illness

You have much to offer others, so your health issues are just one part of who you are.• Don’t settle for someone because “they’ll have me.” You can end up in a very unhealthy and/or abusive relationship by believing it’s better to be with somebody then to be alone.However, following’s Safety Tips recommendations are good to keep in mind: • When to tell someone your diagnosis is very tricky.One woman had the biohazard sign and HIV tattooed near her pelvis.

Recently diagnosed with bipolar, she is slowly but surely accepting her diagnosis. ” If you have a chronic illness and are in the dating world, these questions may sound familiar.• There are people that look for partners with health issues so they can be in a relationship where they “can take care of you.” I could do a post just on this type of individual.The important point is that you don’t need anyone feeling sorry for you because of your diagnosis.With a perplexed look, she asks, “But what, exactly, am I supposed to tell guys when we go out? Whether you have an “invisible” condition (think arthritis, HIV, diabetes) or a chronic mental health diagnosis (think bipolar, obsessive compulsion, major depression), it can be difficult to know when or how to disclose sensitive information about yourself to romantic prospects.The realm of online dating has brought about fast and efficient ways to meet new people.

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