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Smart phones have brought a whole new meaning to the term multitasking.

Before, it was impossible to keep connected with co-workers in your office while you were at the grocery store picking up some necessary items.

In addition, "62 percent of workers use these devices to attend to business matters during a meal" (Dennis Mc Cafferty, 2010).

On the other hand, workers are more comfortable to communicate and access to the internet by using smart phones than any primary computing device while they are not in the office.

From texting to talking, and logging on to social networking sites, teens carry smart phones to have access to friends, family and current events.

That is the reason why broadband connections, web browsers, e-book readers, office apps, maps of the world, motion sensors, HD video cameras, GPS are the most great features which all smart phones bring it to users.

The purpose of this paper is to help others understand the direction of smartphone technology, the ways smartphone technology changes society, understand the impact of change and manner in which we live our lives, and how smartphones could potentially create hazardous situations.

The impact of smart phone on society People tend to have a busy life in these days due to job, school and personal issues.

Based on the survey by Harris Interactive website: "60 percent of workers contact the office with a smart phone or mobile device while on vacation" (Dennis Mc Cafferty, 2010).

Because of its portable, people seems to be more comfortable using smart phone as a primary communication device than desktop or home phone.

Furthermore, it is an efficient and discreet way to communicate with friends and family members.

With huge powerful applications, smart phones allow its users to stay in touch with their work and extend their social connection in many ways.

Many of the smart phones applications available today will not impact a majority of people's lives; but it does impact groups of people who take advantage of it, included businessmen.

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