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This is vicarial jurisdiction, delegated as to its source, but ordinary as to its exercise, and which would be more accurately termed quasi-ordinary.In this sense vicars-general and diocesan officials are ordinaries; so also, in regard to the pope, the heads of the various organs of the Curia are ordinaries for the whole Church ; the cardinal vicar for the Diocese of Rome and his district; the legate a latere , for the country to which he is sent.A person may be an ordinary within his own sphere, and at the same time have delegated powers for certain acts or the exercise of special authority.The jurisdiction which constitutes an ordinary is real and full jurisdiction in the external forum, comprising the power of legislating, adjudicating, and governing.These persons possess and exercise exterior jurisdiction, although with certain restrictions, and this in virtue of their office; they are therefore ordinaries.In practice, the determination of the persons included under the term ordinary is of importance in the case of indults and the execution of rescripts issued from Rome.The former Ukip leader confirmed Ms Ferrari was living at his home but denied they were having an affair, calling the idea 'crackers'.

She is now the head of a think-tank accused of breaking rules by diverting public money to Ukip when Mr Farage was its leader.

Finally, there are ordinaries with an interimary and transitory title during the vacancy of sees.

Thus when the Holy See is vacant, the ordinaries are the College of Cardinals and the cardinal camerlengo ; when a diocese the chapter and also the vicar capitular, and in general the interimary administrator ; so, too, the vicar, for religious orders.

He declined to make any response to his wife's comments.

Yesterday Mr Farage was pictured getting out of his car wearing a dark green tweed jacket and a chequered shirt and briefly talking to reporters.

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    Ukip is under investigation by the Electoral Commission watchdog for allegedly taking a total of £400,000 in dodgy donations from the think-tank and an affiliated political alliance, ahead of the General Election and the EU referendum.

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