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I agreed because you're cute" AUMy entry for the Castle Halloween 2015 Bash.Rick Castle finds himself alone and rejected at his own Halloween party.

I love the Harry Potter Series and got addicted to fanfic after book 6.

AU insert for 8x06, 'Cool Boys'."You were right," she declared determinedly, flint sparking in her eyes, her honesty catching, suddenly ablaze. "The other day at my apartment, you were right." 5x01 insert for After The Storm. COMPLETE"Their feet move in time together, dancing to a song that can't be heard, crickets creating a choir in the background and merging with the soft rippling of the river in the distance." One shot, post kill shot.'Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words–' What about words? Look at me now, I'm falling/I can't even talk, still stuttering/This ground of mine keeps shaking/All I wanna be, yeah all I ever wanna be,/Is somebody to you.

– Months after Kate resolves the case around "Locksat", the latest Nikki Heat comes out and Kate realizes the truth about her relationship with Castle. A season 4 contribution for Castle Theme Day."Beckett still loves you." Castle pauses in his descent down Mia's hallway, glancing back to the woman with a battered nose courtesy of his elbow and a tentative smile on her face.

I like every kind of fan fic as long as it's well written.

You can also find my fics on Potions & Snitches and Archive of our Own under the same penname and you can download them from my Yahoo group!

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