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It feels like we have been and are being divided in irreconcilable ways that have become a danger to our societal fabric.

There are organized and very well funded groups who are loudly proclaiming that they will be attacking us (physically) as they continue their attempted ‘take down’ of America as we once knew it.

Nations especially where population is much higher than common in taboo dating site the united states or even around the same apple.

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It’s not a pleasant thought for most people who are used to an orderly and relatively safe & secure society.

Most people don’t have much, if any, experience with defending themselves against violence.

Many or most people probably have not given serious thought to the circumstances of a major social collapse and the ensuing reality of having to defend one’s rights for real. The thing is, it has happened before, it is presently happening in other places around the world right now, and it may even happen here.

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