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Heres a couple of things that didnt work --Not opening 9s and 10s--I played it way too safe.I knew I could be successful with average women, which blew the asshole out of having no success before game, so I got too comfortable with getting consistent results with average women.If you can skew the odds in your favour through applying some Social Circle Mastery concepts, by all means do that.Youll laugh at the bullshit blowouts you have to run through with cold approaching 6s.Before you cold approach 9s and 10s, you want to create a faux social circle for that night in the bar (single-serving friends). I like to mingle early in the night, be it with guys, girls or staff. This gets me warmed up, and it also allows me to say hi to people later under the auspice that I know them. Again, this helps me to get warmed up, but its also guaranteed to build social proof.If youre holding a womans hand at midnight and she says, Wow, you know everybody, youre doing something right. See a set of 6s and 7s who will just be happy to have a guy talk to them? Young girls are especially good for this because you can spike their buying temperature, get them excited and then leave on a high note so they are always excited to see you later.When I came back to school in the fall, my inner game was stronger for the experience, and once I became an instructordopest job ever for a guy still in collegethere was no comparison to my former results.Needless to say, I started dating one of the hottest girls on campus, and meeting her in the bar was relatively easy compared to the years before because I applied the following and the had the inner game to back it What Im talking about here is for pure cold approaching.

--Living in a small city that lacked abundance--In university (college), there would only be a couple 9s and 10s in the bar on a given night, and the funny part is that, looking back, a 9 in L. could crush these small town girls souls with a one toss of her peroxide-blonde hair.

I switched to only allowing myself to only get numbers from 9s and 10s.

After a couple months of no dates, I realized this strategy sucked as big of balls as my first one. The 7s and 8s should be the core and the 9s and 10s should be the icing on top.

Victorian opposition leader Matthew Guy told The Australian: 'This behaviour is demeaning towards women and I don't want any person who promotes this person on my team'.

The book had been given a glowing review on Google, where it was described as 'possibly the greatest book ever written'.

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