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I listen pretty much all day to an Alternative Rock Station out of Toronto (I live pretty close to the border and work even closer). I have to light a fire under her to fill out the admissions online. We go at least one week every summer, and try to get there a few other times during the year. I played softball for years, until a popup that deflected off of another player's glove and into my face informed me that my reflexes ain't what they used to be. I was all business when I went to client's offices and never paid any attention to anything but the work at hand. It was fun just being with her regardless of what we were doing or what was happening around us. It is late, I am tired and will continue after some sleep. (Isn't there is at least one reason here for a beautiful nineteen year old to reject a marriage proposal?

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Some are here for a similar experience as Newsvine (it is different and run differently). I never had the discipline to learn an instrument-I hope you play some and scrape off that rust! It gave a fairly good insight to the everyday life of the people there in the beginning. I am the oldest of 3 kids, and my extended family is huge. She was intelligent, ambitious, generous, patient, sweet, and most important of all; she liked me. Each payday she paid her bills and then bought gifts for her friends with the money that remained.

Those of us that have been here for a while should welcome these new folks. make a monthly budget, balance a check book, fill out applications/create a resume. 6 I love to travel, the mountains are my favorite along with the beach, Disney is another place I enjoy going to. I enjoy watching movies, Classics, Sci fi, classic horror, The Lord of the Rings I just love.. Music is another of my passions, Classical, Rock, Some Jazz, Movie soundtracks, The composer I like right now is Hans Zimmer. You're welcome, Yes, music is one of the things in life I really enjoy. There has been some great movie soundtracks as well. I got a lovely bottle made from the blown Green Glass from historical glass blowing place near Old Jamestown. There was an archaeological underway near the Old Jamestown Museum when I visited there, and they had a lot of items recently found in an old abandoned dry well on display there are well. I had always to visit one of the early settlements at some point in my life, but, being 3000 miles from anything like that it seemed unlikely in this lifetime. My dad was one of 10 siblings, and my mom 1 of 8 who survived to adulthood. That information told me she was responsible and generous.

Back in the Day, a friend of mine, on Newsvine, started a group called '10 things About You'. (pretty much everything I learned at home growing up ... It runs in my family, my dad loved music and he played the bass. The Spirits of the long dead were still there, and I could feel them as I walked across the bridge to the Museum that goes over the graveyard. So when I was lucky enough to finally be able to actually live in an area with so much early settlement history I was truly fascinated. If you've seen "My Big Fat Greek Wedding", do you remember when the main character says she has 20 first cousins? Now there was nothing else I needed to know so I asked Tricia to marry me.

This might be a good way to start to get to know each other. I'm a volunteer-I am an officer or a director and several Not-For-Profits and Charitable Organizations. not everyone has had the kind of support and family backing I have - so I do what I can to help) 8. they are my favorite Soap Box topic - I consider myself to be a Conservative Conservationist - and am angered by the way 'our' trees and forests are being protected to death .. Hi CMF (If I might be so bold), Montana is a great state, though I've only been there a few times. The thing about snowmobiles is that they do not tear things up.. All I had ever been able to do was read about them in books, but, seeing them in person brought them alive and into real perspective. The picture was taken after a jump with the 82nd Airborne on Luzon DZ after a 15 month deployment. Knowing that this was an important decision on her part, I told her to take her time and I would be patient.

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