Row cannot be located for updating rms

I get this error message "Row cannot be located for updating.

Some values may have been changed since it was last read." When I add a record, Copy a record, Then edit the record.

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Peter EDIT: i am connected to server from another PC via remote desktop Yes, i cant use agent fro execute. Another example of this error: When i create package with objects and then click more than once on "save to repository" button, i get this error too. Certification Gen._Get User(Identification identification)at Microsoft. If connecting with Windows Authentication fails, you will need to choose SQL Server authentication and specify a login and password of a valid SQL Server login that is a SQL Server system administrator. To run the script, either click the Run button (the green play button) or press F5. A lower pane should appear in the window with multiple lines indicating some rows were affected. If you are unsure of whether or not SQL Server is a named instance, it most likely is not. For the login, you can choose Windows Authentication if you are using a default installation of SQL Server and are currently logged in to the server as a local administrator. Once connected to SQL Server, paste the following script into the query window: exec sp_addmessage 60000, 5, 'Unexpected activation error', 'us_english', false, 'REPLACE'exec sp_addmessage 60001, 5, 'Bad parameter %s in procedure %s', 'us_english', false, 'REPLACE'exec sp_addmessage 60002, 5, 'User %s not found', 'us_english', false, 'REPLACE'exec sp_addmessage 60003, 5, 'Machine quota, %d, for user %d exceeded', 'us_english', false, 'REPLACE'5. He couldn't update a specific record in the database, but could update other records from the same table.The problem was that the record he was trying to update had a comment field that wasn't completely displayed -- the field in the database was much longer than the form's field.

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