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Medieval Hungarian traditions count even the fifth-century Huns among the Magyars' ancestors, but their immediate forebears arrived in the Carpathian Basin as late as the seventh century.Known as the "late Avars," they established the center of their empire in the region that is part of modern Hungary.Of the remaining portion, 2.3 percent belong to several minor denominations (Greek or Byzantine Catholic, Orthodox Christian, Baptist, Adventist), while 4.8 percent claim no religious affiliation.Jews, who in 1941 constituted 4.3 percent of Hungary's population, do not show up in these statistics.Hungary is a small landlocked country in the Carpathian Basin of Central Europe.It is about the size of Indiana (35,919 square miles, or 93,030 square kilometers) with twice the latter's population.Turkish conquest was followed by the country's trisection, which lasted for nearly two centuries.

The three religious groups together make up 92.9 percent of the population.

At the end of the eleventh century they conquered and annexed Croatia as an autonomous kingdom, while in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries they extended their influence over Bosnia, Dalmatia, and northern Serbia—largely at the expense of the declining Byzantine Empire.

Moreover, in the fourteenth century, under the Angevin rulers Charles Robert (who ruled from 1308 until 1342) and Louis the Great (who ruled from 1342 to 1382), they expanded their control over the newly formed Vlach (Romanian) principalities of Wallachia and Moldavia and for a brief period (1370-1382) even over Poland.

The last of several Magyar migratory waves took place in the late ninth century, when under the leadership of Prince Árpád, they conquered this region, gradually extending their rule over the entire Carpathian Basin. 1000, one of Árpád's successors, Stephen I (king of Hungary 997-1038; canonized 1083) Christianized his people and made Hungary part of the Western Christian world.

During the next four centuries, the Hungarians continued to expand beyond the Carpathian Basin, especially into the northern Balkans.

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