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Ross to Join Tj,em ;, — -i ARE COWIOBi T OF ^ MISSION'S SUCCESS e ^\ «-_ Provincial Prime Minister Ex- plains Urgency of Early Ac- '. Vif- tof la Sealing company the sum ef •«0,- ooe and pefmu the retention 'of the vss- mj; ef the Benimi »*«t. John Farley, archbishop of Winches- ter the Most Rev. La Atn- mette, archbishop of Paris; the Most Ilev William H. tinn-at Present Stage of British Columbia's Progress i »»• » ro l vlnclnl ininl Bter of lands, the mission ~f the iprlme minister and his two col- leariue* to the federal capital being for t M purpose primarily of submlt- ttasr te^he national prime minister the au Sltton of better terms for British Columbia, the various features and argument* Involved therein being so wa U t Mewtood by the people of this province. Hor- u*n7*s British Columbians alao are well aware, already has placed himself e¥ record as to hearty accord with the proposal that British Columbia s claim Mi this outstanding matter of so great moment shall be left for full and im- partial consideration by a competent board of arbitrators, and Premier Mc- • Bride and his ministers have .every reason to' feel' confident that so soon us thfe red^ral authorities are nbld to deal Vlth this weighty queatlon* Hon. "In this connection."' Premier Mc- Brlde l Observes, "It Is only right to say that there »r* ao many various phases incident and pertinent to the solution tf the better terms question as to make It almost impo»»»ble to cover In an to- e#. **•— "I- emphntloally deny that any J a P a " e,e «,cr*t ex Wt* to •****•" &*' umbto," said HT'F-^^^^'Ji Columbia. This afar the aaallns oampany acceplfd it wag hing- ed* nn the aell UWenf o* other fjuea Uone.

The bill provide* for the construction of cru Uer- _ of the improved -'Brl.tol" class. The re- sult is that if the government accepted ,| any of last May's tenders "***«*$ based In the naval service bill. that lie would insist upon having * re- ferendum on the navy question. More- over, we may be offered more than a referendum and we will be still more glad to accept it." Commenting upon the letter's declar- ation. We want an Idea' of complete equality between the great races who live to- gether in Canada "We ate confident that the pr* Turkish and Areh lenses In the kat- tl* ef Thursday reached *,«#* allied and ♦. Blkee the general election of Wptemoer 21 the formal p*p*r», had Pot* r*»«! Blanchi wna arrdtanwd ««4 given until November 1 to plead ■romptty attsnded te by Or, K»'»s»*- *• *• * f^Jllmtv •»h* spin* bsln* tujured, hs jrss .ejgpi^ «r move. •»#• 1.) idemnlfy the owner* of the schooners owned Indspendent of the Victoria Seel- ing company. « The herds which haul out la great schools on the sandy beaches at Luk- annon. snd other big rook* erles of the Prlbyloffs are migratory and yearly they leave the islands and swim south' for many thousands of 'miles/ close to the equator they go and return north In the track of the sea food. until during the nineties 'fleets tanging front 60* to 80 schooners, went out, the largest fleet being 84 schooners following the dslv- Ing out of the United States owner's from pelagic sealing by the enactment of the law of 189S, which forced many owners at Seattle and Son Francisco to send their vessel* to Victoria ahd Yokohama and place them under the British and Japanese nags. Owing to the severity of with, the end of m the year and through the regulations framed to force the pelagic sealer to retire fwen the busi- ness, the Heat has decreased In size of recent years — ami now the seal-hunter must seek a new occupation. ' There are also two other matters in which the sealers of Victoria seek Ihe attention of the government. Also there is the claim for the Illegal Interference two yesrs ago by the U. As the Victoria business dwindled the Japanese fleets. the months 'of spring they are found ,th« (California. The Japanese vessels usually en- tered In 'June und July.

Stevens," he declared, "cannot be aware that secret i^datres of any kind whatever are held to ehjmrrenc* amongst the Japanese paodle.,_ ana members who belong to such orfcanls- Ttlons are regarded by their fellow countrymen as traitors. S, Executive, as a Lawyer- and a Judge, Be- lieves His Action was Right rvu:/«o*r» Wo Inctififirl In the state ilrcuil court. Later he was the guest ot the city at a local hotel and tomor- row and Monday he will try to keep up with a fairly strenuous programme. O00 tor the Victoria Healing com- pany, and will provide, for the owners of the independent schooners, four of Which went to the hunting ground* dur- ing the past season. KNITTED GOLF JACKETS Drlfaeger's and other English makes, in g My, white and fancy combinations, at .50, .00, .00. for new books The Real Lace Shop f r i„, nets rrom •«.«• te \tiu\ liars, from te sieoe.

who has been on trial here charged with the murder of Lewis Mc- Allister wan admi tt ed l»d ay br a J "** President Taft Says Standard is High and Defects are Due to the Weakness of the People Owing to tha t**t • tttft tomorrow — Thanksgiving Day-- ls#a public 'holiday **d th* members of all de- partments of. there WW be» no Issue, Of tht* nawsp Sper o» Tuesday. - BEtf ER Wrte ES DEFENDS COURSE IN EXERCISING VETO Chief U. Robinson shot and killed., Mc Allister but all*ged that the »ct was In self-defence. and expects always to ^b* opposed to the recall or the judicial*; rode sixty miles by special train to dedicate the new naval training station at North Chicago and addressed tonight she Chi- cago Association of Commerce on peace and arbitration. Borden jnst now has v«ry much to do In the initiation or hta com- prehenslve and progressive policy for Canatfa and In the apportionment of departmental responsibilities.- At the ; Sgme time we feel that British Col- umbia's Interests are so vitally cbn- 'oarned that we are determined to lose no time lb presenting the ttets as Hivi speak for case for fetter , terms, in order that by a speedy and t *£ ■ (on Page SV) TOOAY'S SUMMARY ■ISl. ft-WMI Presem tiase fw B.a, What Will £ Hams TVe Mef-t Panto Xeigns at Psk- 2— Compensation for' Sealers, j — ae Tvetloti . Compensation Is to b#provided for the eca'ers: and It is anticipated that the government Will set aside not lean than »6O0. Another scheme ad- vocated was a geneial massacre of the herds, bills having been introduced at Washington various times since 1892 to this end. JD*U*S Helmcken cross- 1 *4 avnr by th* Grand trunk boat tor 4ay en route ft M^S Ogelf*«nl*u Mr.

aa to render analysis unnec- esaary at this juncture. W th V*fttir* comprehensive *ub- ^•^^t H I**** uf British Col- umbia have, a right to expert th Rt, , with tsfe new conditions obtaining at Ottawa, the local government will not he slow to move to pressing the legit- imate claims ot thts province." *Hon. tic Brtde- here toolt especial cart to make clear Ms own position VAUCOir VBfc, B. no wae%f, on whlew *e^*niti»t wee net readied between y Ho~»wo eaostrtee and the arrangsaalrtt was eot carrisd of H. Beckwith will be a candidate Iff the office or mayor at the forthcom- ing civic elections.

esd S of the yearly killings will net at least two millions of Uonars— many estimate much more— during tha f if teed, ydars provided for in the treaty.

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