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Eric Harvison - Joint creator of our Corner Studio Clive Preece - He whom I would waken for his working shift! Anyone who did Trade Training (already Typists) at Hereford about that same time. Love to hear from you WRAF I'm looking for ex WRAFs who joined in September 1967 and were in E flight Salmon block numbers beginning 2847. It's our 50th anniversary and I've only found 1 from our flight. Sylvia James Gilmour I'm looking for my uncle James Gilmour who was an aircraftman stationed at RAF Waddington after November 1945. Any information about him would be gratefully received, Kind regards Karen Powell Roger Paulo I am looking for a man called Roger Paulo. He was a friend of my mothers whose name was Linda Stone.

"Chota" Jacques - He who nurtured the stick insects in our barracks! I would love to get to say hello to this man if possible. [email protected] I am looking for Flight lieutenant Phillip Newbury Howard I think he was with No 75 Squadron. Shona-maree Howard (0274308202) Acting Pilot Officer John Smith Does anyone remember John Smith an Acting pilot officer training in Jurby Isle of man He was there January to march 1952 and often danced at the villa marina. He came from Bolton Lancashire the son of a Doctor.

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Had a great time in 29 Sqd LAA Also was a member of the RAFGSA flying Tutors and Cadets at the weekend.Flew as passenger/Observer in Mosquitos and later Meteor NF 13's and Meteor 7' s Anyone remember me?Peter B Berriman I was member of 500 the County of Kent Squadron during my National Service.Any Hull City Council employee wishing to apply on a secondment basis should firstly review the Council’s Secondment Policy and discuss with their Line Manager.To access all vacancies select All jobs link below.

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