Who is smosh dating

I hope to see you all on my journey." Hecox added, "Anthony and I have been friends for 19 years, and creative partners for the past 11 of those years.

Throughout that time, we've built a comedy brand we're so proud of and, side by side, developed content we loved — Smosh wouldn't be what it is today without his contributions." Padilla and Hecox began posting You Tube videos under the name Smosh in 2005.

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Over the years, the brand has grown to become much more than its two most famous faces.

Name the creators go by of the over played (but still fantastic) pokemon/mortal combat lip sync which is seen practically everywhere.

These two pranksters (better known as Ian and Anthony) are best known for their short movies which they publish regualy on thier website.

Instagram, Snapchat and other platforms serve more as ways to promote their You Tube videos.

"Other people that started You Tube later than us thought 'this is a great starting point to do other things,'" Padilla said.

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