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Lighting Logistics It is best not to leave the unlit candles in the pews as they may get scattered about.

Instead, just before the lighting, have ushers pass the candles out by handing the correct number to the first person in the row and passing the unlit candles down the row.

The obvious go-to speaker is a pastor, but there are times when one may not be available.

For example, the pastor may need to travel home to another state for the holidays or have an ill family member.

Planning a service based on carol singing is simple, as long as you organize a few things in advance.

While many churches regularly hold candlelight Christmas Eve functions, you may want to plan a service outside of the church.

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Paul Long, pastor of Antioch Baptist Church and founder of Long Ranch 4 Boys, shared, "The Christmas candlelight service really has no Biblical mandate.Another set of ushers should light the first candle on each row and the person should light the candle next to him and so on down the row until all candles are lit.Some ushers may still be passing out candles as earlier rows begin to light theirs. End of Service Considerations You'll also want to have metal buckets for people to place their burnt candles in before leaving the building.It was short, simple and turned out to be a memorable service." When it comes to music, you can either have the entire congregation sing along or you can have a special singer or two.Consider using these traditional Christmas hymns appropriate for Christmas Eve services, which should be readily available in most church hymnals: You'll want to offer some noteworthy features in the service that mark this as a special occasion.

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